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07-06-2011, 03:54 AM
Originally Posted by Fewzz View Post
What ever new parts they give us, your sub wont cover it , theyll all be in the C-Store now, roll on FTP!
A season with just ships parts and content would be awsome lol
DStahl mentioned something about ship parts as mission reward, if i remember correctly.

And even if they where exclusively C-Store stuff, i wouldn't care if they look good.
I have spend already enough money on stuff that wasn't worth it (jupiter uniforms), buying some good looking ship parts is something i look forward to.
Since we see our ships about 50% or more of the game time, i think adding some real good looking (not some Imperial class crap) ship parts is long overdue IMHO.

Want Perpetuals Excalibur ship parts for our assault cruisers!

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