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So, I've been leveling my klink lately, and ever since I got him to Commander level I've been PVP'ing with him. After doing this for only a little bit, I have to say that I am having a lot more fun in PVP matches than what I'm used to on the Fed side. It's wonderful to have teamwork on a more consistent basis. Compare that to the Fed PUGs I had last night, that kept on focus firing on the tanking vor'chas instead of the squishy B'Rels. On top of this, the klink players are a lot more talkative and much more agreeable company.

As it has been said before, it seems that the Feds in general are more into solo playing, so that does not transfer well over into PVP'ing. It really seems that the klingon side might be a better fit for me, because of my concentration on the combat side of STO & the PVP action. When I'm done leveling my klink, I'll probably end up spending more time on him instead of my leveled Fed main.