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07-06-2011, 02:44 PM
If the devs actually got to the point of mounting the ship weapons to the number of mount points listed on ship's schematics, they would likely limit the arcs of fire, as well. For instance, the Constitiion refit had 12 phaser banks, 2 placed each of fore, port and starboard, on the upper and lower surface of the saucer. However, each of those dual phaser banks would only have a 180 degree arc of fire (likely less for the port and starboard side, to avoid hitting the engines and secondary hull) and only 6 of them could be fired either directly above or directly below the ship, or 8 directly to the front. (The second phaser to port or starboard could not be fired fore, as it would have to shoot through its neighbor)

(See this page for a discussion of how difficult firing arcs can get even with a simple hexagonal map)

Likewise, most of the multiple torpedo tubes facing in the same direction on starships are treated as the same "weapon". The Constitution refit, for example, famously had that torpedo cowling on the neck, with two tubes mounted in it. But that was basically a single photon torpedo assembly, with each tube able to fire two torpedoes, making them the equivalent of four (earlier) tubes.

So the way I look at it, the 2 phaser banks dorsal and 2 banks ventral on the Nova ARE the single Phaser Beam Array which is mounted in the first FWD weapon slot (covering a 250 degree arc) and the 2 torpedo tubes fore and 2 tubes aft ARE a Photon Torpedo Launcher in the second FWD slot and another in the REAR slot. If you want to note each of the phasers separately, you'd have to mark their portion of the 250 degree arc (dividing up the damage between the 4 emitters accordingly) and cut the reload rate of each of the 4 torpedo launchers in half.