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07-06-2011, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Lets just say you can still have 2 shields.
Oh THAT bug!

Well not surprising given all the times old bugs return. First MMO that I've played that has that old bugs keep returning.

Originally Posted by Mavairo
RSF > Cannon DPS even multiple ships pouring Cannon DPS in.

Stop flying a tac in a cruiser. You're never going to match an engie's durability.

Non Vorcha and Excelsior cruisers are for Science and Engineers, that can jack their resistances.

Also, most people fly cruisers because they are so stupidly easy to stay alive in. Especially with RSP, RSF, and Miracle worker in their back pockets. Then those same lamecruiser captains can crank the damage up with broken FAW, EPTW, EPS power Transfer and Nadion Inversion. These are also the same lamecruisers that don't do their friggin job and heal the escort 9/10 times.
I don't fly a Tacs in a Cruisers, I fly them in Escorts.

But given whats said above proves my point I been conveying, things aren't balanced. If heals are nerfed, then perhaps the arguement would change in nerfing cannons and buffing angles. But right now, there is an overabundance in Escorts because its easier to survive and funner to play in.