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07-06-2011, 04:31 PM
I'm happy to say this completely deserved my 5 star rating. The attention to detail is amazing, and there is a great wealth of information to sink yourself into - should you wish to.

I particular applaud you for the referencing to ST Canon, like Rasmussen and the Tkon, and even Kahn in DS9. It really helps to create links for a strong story. its a good foundation to build upon. Espeically, little things like '47.23%' ^^

I found the pace quite good, and the dialogue especially good.

I commend you on keeping the 'captain' aboard the ship while the crew transports to the romulan warbird etc. Again, it adds to the realism imo

It IS long, but you alluded to that point and I having set aside the time, I really enjoyed playing this. I hope you continue to make such wonderful additions to the game, and to the foundry community as a whole.

Thank you.