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Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
I'm levelling my Klingon Sci character, and while I'll deffinitely try Raptors, I was wondering how good the Garumba is? Would it work with a Sci character? I can imagine a 3 hit combo with tractor, subnuc and javelin being quite devestating, but how useable is siege mode? And siege mode aside, is their a comparable Fed ship? I've seen Garumbas wreak havoc, but I've also seen them do very little. Also, they are shockingly cool...

So if the Garumba pilots could fill me in on their experience with this ship I'd be mighty grateful.
The Garumba Javelin has 4 Flaws:
1. You have to be in siege mode to enjoy it.
2. You have to charge it up.
3. It has the Arc of Dual/Dual heavy Cannons.
4. It has a long animation time before firing. During this time, you can't activate anything.

The Garumba, as has been stated, is a Fleet Escort with an Engineering console removed. While in Siege Mode, it's turn rate gets reduced, it's engine power gets dropped by 10, but it's Weapon power goes up by 10, and it's shield power goes up by 5. In addition any energy damage you deal, drains a VERY SMALL amount of weapon power and gives it to you. If you ever plan on using siege mode, you'll almost absolutely need beams. Both Single and Dual. I would recommend NOT relying on the Javelin. Ever. If you see a chance where your fully armed and operational battle station can unleash it's death on a target with the Javelin, fine. Other wise, don't use the Javelin if you can help it. It can get you killed just for a cool looking, yet limited Beam overload 3.

I don't recommend a Science officer in the Garumba if your planning to use the Javelin as your main damage dealing attack. Stick to a Raptor or a Bird of Prey.

An Engineer can do interesting in the Garumba. I've actually been flying it in almost exclusive siege mode with my Engineer. And it's kinda fun that way. I have 2 Beam Overload 3's to play with so I don't have to use the Javelin if I don't want to. Also Target engines 3 is a very nice option as well as it can slow targets down to a crawl and give you a way to get your front arc on the target.