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07-06-2011, 09:23 PM
Originally Posted by Fractal_Eye
(On another note, I was just on Holodeck, changing some of my female officers' outfits. I noticed that the Terran Empire badge sort of 'hovers' in the air when used with the TOS Terran Empire female top. I didn't bug report it just yet, but if it still persists after Season 4 launches, I will. Regardless, keep up the great work!)
I think that's been an issue on live for quite some time. If you set your mammary glands to maximum power the Terran Badge will float further away from the top. If you reduce power to the melon array by 50% it's not quite as bad. :p

But there are some new problems using Badges with the Female Terran Top on TRIBBLE. It's again related to bust size. Here's some screen shots:

TNG Movie Badge
TNG Series Badge
Wrath of Kahn Badge

The larger the bust, the more the badges above are "eaten": TNG Movie Badge - Bust Size near Max

Mega Melons will swallow these badges whole. I was about to include another screen shot with the slider maxed out but you cannot see the badge at all in it.

EDIT: Also the TOS Science, TOS Medical, TOS Operations, TOS Command badges cannot be seen AT ALL with the Female Terran Top.