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07-06-2011, 10:19 PM
Thanks for the replies guys, I tried it out on tribble with my tac earlier, and I will likely give the Garumba a miss for now. I can really see what you guys mean about how situational the Javelin is. The whole having to charge it up thing is awkward. I was kinda suprised how little damage it did considering all the work it took to get it ready and in position etc. And the conflicting with beam overload thing concerns me too, in my FE I can throw a BO-II out every 15 seconds, or two back to back if I time it right. The damage the Javelin does wouldn't justify interfering with that.

That said, if I had the time to copy my Engineer/Fleet Escort build KDF side, and altered the tactical powers (CRF instead of BO and cannons up front, turrets out back?) so as not to interfere with the Javelin, I think it could tank just fine in siege mode (I had three ships beating on me for ages in a Cap & Hold earlier), I don't see why evasive+reverse wouldn't help me keep cannons on target like I used to in a cruiser either. And if the Javelin got a buff, and it was on sale...

But my Sci guy's deffinitely not flying one. I'll give the Kar Fi a once over though, I can see serious potential there. If nothing else, I've gotten test driving on tribble out of this.