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07-06-2011, 11:49 PM
well.. youre wrong..

Yes the BOP is probably the most lethal ship to spike with, the combination of cloak, shockwave and crf3/hyt3, makes for one nasty spike

however.. today you just need to hit one button, and his buffs are all in vain:


Unless youre taken completely by surprise or is hit by a huge (and rare) critical, its simply not possible to be taken out in a single alpha

Often you can hear their buffs, or get a "there is too quiet here" moment, and its a simple matter to be ready to fire off your one-button save

Oh, and always always have a copy of EP to Shields running.. There is no reason not to have two copies of that on every ship.

Lastly, no.. Im not a KDF player, I do have 3 LGs, but fly on my Fed toons 95% of the time