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# 2 Outline of Ground 2.0 Changes
07-07-2011, 03:22 AM
Nerfs! Nerfs for all! PWI isn't buying Cryptic out! Hasbro is!

Hitpoints? Nerfed!

Shields? Nerfed!

Crowd control? Nerfed!

Turrets? Nerfed!

Cooldowns? Nerfed!

OMG AA. They nerfed everyone! Why would I still want to play?

Because ground weapons are OP now! All weapons are more powerful than in ground 1.0.

However, your question is still a fair one, especially if you're in need of help on the ground; due to the poor judgment of the badly misguided Tribble test community, most ground mobs are overpowered on all difficulties, including Normal. Being a member of the Tribble test community requires that a player download a second client. This alone requires a level of technical expertise beyond the abilities of the typical player.

Naturally, such accomplished players have expectations beyond that of the typical first-time MMOer whom I believe consist a majority of STO's population. These players have no compunction against difficulty, so the mobs are overtuned. Mobs are overpowered across the board.

You can die on Normal now despite good planning, even to low ranked mobs. This is a terrible change in philosophy. The player used to have control over difficulty via the difficulty slider. Now the developer has been given more control over difficulty, regardless of the player's difficulty slider. The increased pace of combat is also unfavorable to older players who can't react that fast. Normal should never demand perfect play (but it does in this case). Ever.

As such, this thread is now more important than ever.

OMG AA. That sounds terribad! Give me some good news before I /RAGEQUIT!!!!

I'm sorry, I can't help you there. The only good news is that the guns in your hands are buffed. That's where the good news ends. Almost every fight can kill you now, even if you didn't sign up for Advanced/Elite hard modes. Some people like facing death with every single encounter. I'm not one of those people, and I don't feel that all players should be subject to such difficulty, especially in a game with a difficulty slider. This sudden change in Cryptic philosophy has weakened my support for Cryptic.

Ground Combat 1.0 was a very fun game of whack-a-mole Team Snipers where you didn't have to worry if there was no cover so long as you had good medics and shields to help you out. Ground Combat 2.0 is nothing more that a overly-fast paced game of Shotty Snipers, but it's not quite a FPS, either. You now have to whack all the moles at once in the shortest time possible.

I humbly request that the readership now observe a moment of silence in loving memory of Ground Combat 1.0.

But I really hated Ground Combat 1.0!


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