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For historical reference, Ground Playbook 1.0 is included in its unabridged entirety. At the time I wrote it, I was getting really sick of all the baseless complaints about Ground 1.0. I suppose it's now my turn to be doing the complaining. A great system where I could win every fight has now turned into a system where death and long corpse runs back to the mobs that killed me are commonplace. I suppose the community reaped what it sowed. Ground Playbook 1.0 reached about 15,000 views before I requested it locked to make way for Ground Playbook 2.0.

I'm getting sick and tired of people whining about ground combat. RAAAAWWWWRRRRR!

"OMG: Ground combat takes forever!"
"OMG: That Swordmaster one shot me!"
"OMG: My BOs are idiots!"

So... I will try to help these misguided souls.

This thread is concerned with solo players running ground PvE missions with 4 bridge officers (BOs).

Don't talk about The Ground Playbook.
Don't play ground on Advanced or Elite.
Ground PvP is off this thread's topic.
STFs are off this thread's topic.
Devs who restrict the numbers of BOs in missions shall be booed loudly should they dare to make themselves known here.

Table of Contents
Post 31: Introduction [YOU ARE HERE]
Post 32: Let Go of Expose Weapons
Post 33: Tactical BOs Suck!
Post 34: BO Management
Post 35: Tactical Captain's Playbook
Post 36: Engineer Captain's Playbook
Post 37: Science Captain's Playbook
Post 38: Getting Other People To Train Your BOs
Post 39: Ground Skills Worth Spec'ing Into
Post 40: Other Ground Buttons You Should Push Even Though They're Not Interesting Choices