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The advice in this post is no longer valid. Ground 2.0 is more reliant on baseline weapon damage. Exposes are far less valuable and harder to get in Ground 2.0.


But AA! I like the wide bolt spread! It makes me look like Chuck Norris!

They also make you do less damage, by design. Expose weapons aren't supposed to hit hard; they're supposed to get exposes (gasp). And maybe some crowd control.

Some players advocate having one expose weapon and quickly switching to an exploit weapon in case of an expose proc. But then what do you do for the rest of the time besides crouch and shoot?

You and your BOs have powers which can get exposes.

The only place you can put exploits is in your weapon slots. So put exploits there! Tons of them!

Use 5 sniper rifles for you and your four BOs. Your second weapon should be a splitbeam in cases of multiple exposed enemies in one arc.