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The advice in this post is no longer valid. Tactical BOs have been buffed into relevance in Ground 2.0.


Redshirts! Redshirts! I gotta have more redshirts so they can die for me!

Dying for you is about all they're good for. Here is a power-by-power dismantling of ground tactical BOs.

Draw Fire Sucks: Any competent captain will generate enough threat to outshine this.

Focus Fire Sucks: You actually have to click the button yourself to make your BO use this power. And there's no way to make a keybind for a BO power.

Leg Sweep Sucks: Sure, let's run TOWARD the superpowerful swordmasters and Borg Drones to use this melee attack! That sounds like an awesome idea!

Photon Grenade Sucks: Yeah, if you time it right, you can get a flank without much effort. Good when you're the tactical captain who uses it just before a sniper shot. Bad when your BOs spam it while your exploits are on cooldown.

Lunge Sucks: See Leg Sweep.

Smoke Grenade Sucks: It's possible to construct a ground tactical BO in the spirit of the Operative kit by including rank 1 of this power. Once your initial ambush is used up, the bang of that BO is spent for that fight.

Suppressing Fire Sucks: Decent when there's only one mob you're fighting. Which is never. Ground mobs always come in packs.

Target Optics Sucks: The damage buff only applies to the BO using this power, leaving the rest of the away team in the dark.

Fire on my Mark (ground) Sucks: Tricorder Scan provides the same debuff and makes stealth units in the area easier to see. FoMM's stealth debuff only applies to its target.

Overwatch Sucks: Anyone making a minimal effort to get flanking bonuses will probably step outside the AoE. Your BOs will always try to get flanking bonuses (unless waypointed).

Plasma Grenade Sucks: Mobs don't spam enough turrets to make this worth having, and the AI is good about not standing in the green fire. If there's a turret you have to kill (Cryonic Mortar, etc.), have your BOs target it with their sniper rifles.

Stealth Module Sucks: If you have to scan something, this buff will fall off and you'll be visible. See Smoke Grenade.

Ambush Sucks: See Smoke Grenade. Will draw agro and break before use if used midfight.

Stun Grenade Sucks: Okay, it actually doesn't. But this power is rank 1 in the Commander slot so each ground tactical BO can only use one.

That is all the powers available to ground tactical BOs, and they're all bad.