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Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
Well, that's a fair point, the BoP does still have a cloaking device. It can still ambush people, it can still be good fun.

But yes, the BOP has one less gun than the MVAE so it has less fire power. Also, the best BOFF layouts previously unique to the BoP were always Tac Com, Science LC, anything else and you're just flying a battle cloaking escort.
One *rear* slot, which will be a 97 damage turret most likely.. The missing tac console is far more significant for damage than a single turret.. But.. As you know.. Decloak ambush gives you a 15% damage boost, which makes up for the turret/console.

Also, that Tac/Sci Cm/LtC BOP, is able to run dual Eng Lts for some pretty nice survival skills, when combined with the 2 lower slots of the LtC Sci.

Finally.. The most devastating ship Ive flown was a 4x DBB BOP using Shockwave - EM - FAW3 - APBeta1 - TBR3 - and full Tac buffs.. FAW is nasty enough by itself, but when combined with 7-8k TBR3 pulses = Ouch-ouch-ouch (TBR3 alone can kill an Escort or SV straight through shields, if theyre unbuffed)

This cannot be done in a MVA