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the goal of this guide is to rebind the new R+T functionality
to a 4D Mouse Wheel -> that means up/down/left/right, all with the wheel!

AFAIK this works for the Logitech G700, G9 and G5 and probably more Logitech products.

First you will need to go into the Driver, to assign different keys to the the left and right press of the Wheel.

for this guide i will use:

Mouse Wheel Right = 0
Mouse Wheel Left = 9

[if anybody knows a way to directly bind those keys without this workaround plz tell me ASAP]


so lets do this:

- log into STO (go to tribble if you want to test first)
- go to a ground map (your bridge?)
- make sure shooter mode is active -> press B ,
if you do this in RPG mode it will change the keybinds of RPG mode -> not what we want!
- press ENTER
[ so you can type in the chatbox ]

now copy & paste the following lines, (one by one) into your chatbox:

/bind Wheelplus "SetOffsetTrayBindsRow 1"
/bind Wheelminus "SetOffsetTrayBindsRow -1"
/bind 0 "SetOffsetTrayBindsColumn -3"
/bind 9 "SetOffsetTrayBindsColumn 3"

**** all done, have fun