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Originally Posted by Jakyre View Post
Hi Everyone!!

I'm putting this out there for your 100% honest opinion on my first attempt at creating an ST:O mission using Foundry. I'd really like a little exposure and any compliments and/or constructive suggestions any of you may have.

As players in the ST:O community I want to hear what you'd like to see more of or less of in a player designed mission.
Any encounters too easy/hard? Let me know
Too much dialogue/not enough or is it too crude?

This is a first draft so I'm hoping that with your advice I can add to, tweak and generally improve it.

Thanks in advance!!

Mission Name: No Rest for the Righteous (lvl 41+)
Author: Jakyre
Wrong forum, you want the database , read the header

The Foundry For Star Trek Online - Mission Database

Have you written a new mission in the Foundry? Did you spot a great one and want to share? Do you have direct feedback for an author? Come on in!