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07-07-2011, 08:04 AM
Yes, it would be special if the devs could do something for the final send off. But I agree that they have a lot going on with season 4 going live today so they might not be able to get to it. Perhaps they can pull something together in time for final wheel stop in a couple of weeks.

And I'm going to resist getting into the discussion about the future programs as I am very opinionated being one that is actually working on it. All I will say is that Constellation was a viable plan and if it had been funded properly from the start, there would not have been the cost and schedule overruns that was the excuse for shutting it down. The longer you drag something out, the more it costs. A talented workforce exists in this country that can do great things and it is being disbanded due to the reasons our launch director noted in his final countdown simulation speech.

But please try and keep this thread civil and focused on the end of this great program. The last thing I want it to see it shut down because a flame war started over the politics.