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07-07-2011, 08:21 AM
Exactly Mikey you have almost no control at all over it there for IMHO (keep in mind I'm a klink) its spam.. and shouldn't be in PvP... however it is. So your right adjust or suck it up.

I am fine with them killing all carrier spam... and replacing it with 1 or 2 pets that have CONTROL options. Other games that have a pet class have rudimentary controls over there pets... things like Attack / Disengage... some games even give the pets limited abilities which the player can trigger... if YOU had control over the pets behaviour NO ONE could argue that it was spam anymore. The carrier pilot should control when a bop pet cloaks... or engages CRF... or HY 1... Or uses Aceton... or drops a Tric Mine. The lack of control over pets for a pet class in ANY game MMO or Not is ridiculous... to think Cryptic has gotten away with that for a year and a half is crazy.

If they added a proper pet control interface... they could even dream up cool new pets... what about a pet that had very limited weapons... and a copy of engi team / hazards / or TSS that could be cast on the mothership when called for. How about a mini Klink Sci Bop... call it the Brel pet... that had a couple weak sci powers that would show up in that pet control interface. Lost op that is the Cryptic motto with carrier design.

Cryptic could have made the pet classes COOL and non spammy... however right now its just plain spam.
1 or 2 pets? Then a carrier would be useless. We do no dps and need our pets. And also there is enough things to control than having to worry about my pets buffs and debuffs. Your sounding like a fed Qaw. Once again, Mines are spam, They sit there and do nothing. Bops arnt spam.