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07-07-2011, 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by mikey22805
1 or 2 pets? Then a carrier would be useless. We do no dps and need our pets. And also there is enough things to control than having to worry about my pets buffs and debuffs. Your sounding like a fed Qaw. Once again, Mines are spam, They sit there and do nothing. Bops arnt spam.
Anything YOU don't control is spam... sorry Mikey.

And honestly give me a carrier where I can control 2 decloaking RF / HY bops... and I doubt you would be thinking that DPS didn't hurt.

Toe joes your favs are Spam plain and simple.

The Carrier is pretty much the klink zombie cruiser... its WAY to easy to play. (I am not saying its a good ship I consider it a flying coffin) However a pet class SHOULD be harder to control... it SHOULD be harder to master... right now its the same thing as loading 8 beams on an engi cruiser so you can web surf and play.

I never said a carrier shouldn't have pets... I said you should be able to control them... imagine a carrier pilot setting up an ambush on that defiant that just decided he had the drop on a carrier... only to discover the carrier tractors and disables him... and 2 BOP pets decloak aft and use RF and HY 1 to Pop him like a zit.
Or you can continue to defend a ship that has to keep moving so that its pets don't dock... the trail of spam following him around while he rotates his heals. lol Carrier is a spam boat plain and simple... mines are spammy too... they both need a reduction... mines should drop one at a time and mean something and get a stealth factor... pets should have more control... and if you can't handle the difficulty you should fly your cruiser. lol