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07-07-2011, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
One *rear* slot, which will be a 97 damage turret most likely.. The missing tac console is far more significant for damage than a single turret.. But.. As you know.. Decloak ambush gives you a 15% damage boost, which makes up for the turret/console.

Also, that Tac/Sci Cm/LtC BOP, is able to run dual Eng Lts for some pretty nice survival skills, when combined with the 2 lower slots of the LtC Sci.

Finally.. The most devastating ship Ive flown was a 4x DBB BOP using Shockwave - EM - FAW3 - APBeta1 - TBR3 - and full Tac buffs.. FAW is nasty enough by itself, but when combined with 7-8k TBR3 pulses = Ouch-ouch-ouch (TBR3 alone can kill an Escort or SV straight through shields, if theyre unbuffed)

This cannot be done in a MVA
I'm gonna have to try that at some point, I have TBR3 but I've never thought to try it, I've never taken much damage from TBR, more annoyance than anything.