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# 42 Here's my input
07-07-2011, 10:12 AM
I only play KDF, so here's my input:

1. What ship(s) did you fly as you ranked up? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?
For each career I tried as much to stick to the ships that could best support that class. But most important I focused in how I could get the most out of a ship to ensure my survival + very importantly the survival of my team. I could never understand those that said SCI and ENG in escorts make for great builds? Sure, but the team as a whole suffers because they are handicapped by a player unable to support. (PVP, PVE)

2. What ship(s) do you fly at cap? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?
Again, I paid attention to ships that best supported that role.

3. Which ship(s) do you think are currently overpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?
The MVAM and the Defiant-R seem way more maneuvarable and stronger than their KDF counterparts. Also, the Federation science ships nearly always spawn Battleship class ships, while the KDF rarely see anything larger than a cruiser.

In PvE some of the Science Ships are almost more deadly than the escorts. (On elite)

The Breen Battleship is a tad "lets-get-the-hell-utta-here"

The Borg Cubes can become rather spiteful

4. Which ship(s) do you think are currently underpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?
The Veranus and the B'Rel retrofit seem squishy, and the Siege Destroyer is way too slow when in Siege mode. It barely can turn to keep firing on the agile escorts!

5. What feature of your favorite ships do you like the most? As in, console configurations, station configurations, aesthetics, special abilities, etc.?
Special Abilities but I only play KDF and there are so few. I like the introduction of sets of consoles and hope there will be more. I would also like to see the introduction of new powers and BO skills like was done with ground. The skins are getting awesome guys! I love the look-and-feel of all the sets! I have always hoped to see some bodies from a ship exploding! Drifting into space!