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07-07-2011, 11:04 AM
Hey, Black, I have a bit of a request for you.

This isn't a request for any new Uniform Types (you're doing great on that front as is).

You see, when I'm using your guides to design a character's uniform, it's somewhat time consuming for me because I only have one screen on my computer. So, I need to switch between STO and my Web Browser several times to make sure I have all the details right. I make it work, but I've always thought that there's an easier way out there...

And just recently, I got an MP3 Player for my Birthday--which allows me to view pictures if I want. And I recently just realized the solution lies in that MP3 Player (a Sony Walkman, to be specific). I can download the pictures to the computer, and then transfer those pictures into the Walkman.

However, it can be even more tedius to download all the images I want to be able to access--and that's where the request comes in.

Could you arrange your Uniform Images into File Folders based on Sets (Set A, Set B, Jupiter, TOS, TOS Movies, TNG/DS9/VOY, Bajoran, etc.), compress those folders and put them on a File Sharing Site like MegaUpload or RapidShare, and then provide us links to go to those sites?

It'd definitely make things a lot easier for those of us who use your guides.