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07-07-2011, 12:07 PM
In all honesty, any captain can make an escort work, but will put their own sort of "bias" onto it.

Tactical captains can fire off their powers more often with tactical initiative, and have attack pattern Alpha for extra damage, and also Go down fighting and fire on my mark help a lot.

Engineers can make escorts suprisingly resilliant, my Fleet Escort can tank rather well. Miracle Worker will bring a massive chunk of an escorts health back, and you can harden the shields right up with emergency power to shields and rotate shield frequency.

Science captains in escorts can be very effective too since sensor scan and subnuclionic beam will both help debuff a target, and unlike a science ship, a sci captain in an escort has the firepower to capitalize on this debuff.

It's really down to personal preference, escorts are probably the most versatile as to who you can effectively captain them with. Brute firepower, survivability, or debuffing the enemy prior to doing your damage.