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07-07-2011, 01:18 PM
Hey Black its Dodge. I actually need your help on something here and I suspect its something you're interested in as well.

I have 2 Gorn captains, and on your advice I saved a few costume slots utilizing their old look before the gorn appearances changed. I love the way the old Gorn style looked TOS-seriesish. These new Gorn are fantastic though. So here's my question. First off are you going to do a Guide on Gorn uniforms, colors, etc. Secondly, I found the patch notes a little unclear regarding the new Gorn costume options. If I leave alone my old costume slots, and work on the vacant ones using the new Gorn style, will that overwrite the look on what I consider my TOS gorn appearance? In essence will I be able to have a Gorn with both looks, based on swapping things out.

Help on this will be much appreciated, and I'm sure plenty of people want to know (including you).