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Originally Posted by Alan_81 View Post
Great job with those, sir! I'm particularly glad to see the female TOS variants have their guides now! Brilliant and thanks!
Thanks, Alan! I'm glad you like them.

Originally Posted by KiraYamato
Hey, Black, I have a bit of a request for you.

This isn't a request for any new Uniform Types (you're doing great on that front as is).

You see, when I'm using your guides to design a character's uniform, it's somewhat time consuming for me because I only have one screen on my computer. So, I need to switch between STO and my Web Browser several times to make sure I have all the details right. I make it work, but I've always thought that there's an easier way out there...

And just recently, I got an MP3 Player for my Birthday--which allows me to view pictures if I want. And I recently just realized the solution lies in that MP3 Player (a Sony Walkman, to be specific). I can download the pictures to the computer, and then transfer those pictures into the Walkman.

However, it can be even more tedius to download all the images I want to be able to access--and that's where the request comes in.

Could you arrange your Uniform Images into File Folders based on Sets (Set A, Set B, Jupiter, TOS, TOS Movies, TNG/DS9/VOY, Bajoran, etc.), compress those folders and put them on a File Sharing Site like MegaUpload or RapidShare, and then provide us links to go to those sites?

It'd definitely make things a lot easier for those of us who use your guides.
Though it is a rather daunting task with the mass of guides I have created, I will definitely look into that for you.