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07-07-2011, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
Ofcourse I gladly want to show it to you.

Here you can see the ship how it is now, normally i always used the white colors (primary and secondary) to fully smoothen out my ship so all colors match, but now the points that I show you here are still dark and visible somehow.

Its no emergency bug but I hope it is being resolved and looked into
Has it been a while since you've used your Defiant? Or perhaps has it been a while since you visited the Ship Tailor?

I ask because about 6... maybe 8 months ago, there was a change made in the way patterns were applied over ship materials. Previously, the colors were 'added' to the color of the material, giving you an exact color match to the color picker. It was decided that this took away from the desired effect that our team was going for, because it completely covered over the top of the material, obscuring the normal maps, panel detals on the material, etc. To get around this "problem", we changed the way the material behaves by instead of "adding" the color to the top of the material, it now "multiplies" it, making the colors underneath show through more.

This, of course, completely alters the way "white" works now, by making it completely transparent.

I understand that this would have given your Defiant a very cool and unique look, and I think the pure white paneling would look very cool.
Sadly, I will not be able to revert these changes in order to give you your old look back, and I apologize. I hope the fact that I was able to explain to you how, and why this change was made will soften the disappointment.