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07-07-2011, 02:01 PM
Bring back original fleet actions. (travel to location, call friends, no need to wait in line)
Since you already have the maps and locations on the maps: Make PVP like the original fleet actions.

Mid Term:
adjust NPC so that ship class reflects level. A B-type shuttle shouldnt be able to kill a cruiser
Seperate player skill levels from Rank. Allow players to choose their own special skills within their branch.
Make rank a reflection of faction accomplishment like diplomatic rank. 1000 accolade points per rank.

Long Term:
Adjust ship interiors, better scale and layout. Make layout match ship class. Move trasporters to Auxillery deck which contains a shuttle or hanger bay for the ships that have them etc. Include a conference room on all ships accessable from "visit the bridge," not just special missions like aid the Deferi. Add more rooms to crew deck, like 1st officers and ambassidor quarters.

Command ships from the Bridge though all phases of space flight including space combat scenerios. Make ship damage visible on the inside with ships crew running arround making repairs and medical crews taking personel to sickbay for treatment and releaseing them instead of just the imaginary crew under the sheilds display.

Change the requirements for obtaining a ship command to commander and higher. Ensign, Lt and Lt Commander be given shuttle and runabouts instead. Combine this with the ability to serve on another players ship in the capacity of a duty officer. Either as bridge crew or supporting personel. Player would be able to leave others ships through their shuttle or automaticlly transfered to different ships when a captian logs off etc. There are currently enough high ranking players to make this work.