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07-07-2011, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Hey guys,

What is your opinion of what the recharge time should be for the Intrepid's Ablative Armor ability?

For reference, it currently is set at 3 minutes.
The recharge timer is okay, I think the ability just needs a few less advantages or more disadvantages. 3 Minutes can feel a long time too wait, but anything less, and you'd need to seriously nerf the power, and anything more, and the power will just feel too gimmicky and of little real use. It must be something you can work in a "long-term" power rotation that involves Captain Powers and similar abilities, and still leaves a weak spot to exploit.

I'd probably make Ablative Armor either cause a Aux Power Level Penalty or make the total resistance vary between 80-90 % based on Aux Power (eg. Power 25 => 80 %, Power 125 => 90 %).