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07-07-2011, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
It would be nice if they did a good Spam pass on the game...

Mines (change the number out - 1 out with a nice dmg bump and stealth ratings on all mines out be awsome)
Photo Fleet (they need to think of something new to replace this... and not a shield resist lol)
Carriers (Need to loose some numbers and gain some sort of direct control interface)
Fleet Suppot I can live with... but really I liked the old random Where the heck did that come from power it used to be, then the toggle the spam button it is now.
To me, Mines should have inventory limits with Mines and Fighters as to prevent spam. For instance you are alotted 20 mines per match.

Also with mines, they could be only deployed outside of combat and in return their damage is signifciantly increased and mines could not be easily defeated (either harder to target or there is a type of replicator ability that replaces mines within a short timespan).

With Photonic Fleet, in PvP matches only 1 science player could use them at any given time.

With Fleet Support - it returns to the original version of a random chance.

(Personally, Feds have an edge with this because how many times you seen a Federation player summoning a Galaxy-X or a Typhoon over Klingon players that summoned a Vo'Quv?)