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Originally Posted by DodgeHopper View Post
Hey Black its Dodge. I actually need your help on something here and I suspect its something you're interested in as well.

I have 2 Gorn captains, and on your advice I saved a few costume slots utilizing their old look before the gorn appearances changed. I love the way the old Gorn style looked TOS-seriesish. These new Gorn are fantastic though. So here's my question. First off are you going to do a Guide on Gorn uniforms, colors, etc. Secondly, I found the patch notes a little unclear regarding the new Gorn costume options. If I leave alone my old costume slots, and work on the vacant ones using the new Gorn style, will that overwrite the look on what I consider my TOS gorn appearance? In essence will I be able to have a Gorn with both looks, based on swapping things out.

Help on this will be much appreciated, and I'm sure plenty of people want to know (including you).
Hey, Dodge.

Yes, I plan on doing some Gorn guides. You can look forward to them in the coming weeks. I also plan to update the current guides with the necessary changes (adding correct badges and whatnot). Currently I am having some issues with the game that may slow down my progress, but I will try to work through it.

And yes, If you do not Modify the slots you have currently set then you can save the old Gorn look on all of your current slots. Changes made on any new slots will not affect them.