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07-07-2011, 11:42 PM
A cloak would be nice to allow for more of a hit and run setup (thus not needing a very fed like healing setup built around you to keep you alive). Yes the Javelin is junk (but extremely fun and cool).

However, it's still better than a raptor in my opinion. It turns better and can utilize that extra engineer for some nice resistance or turning abilities. Seige mode is good for harassing cruisers (especially tact damage cruisers) forcing them to heal themselves as you suck their weapons power - making you do more damage as well. In the end it is still a fleet escort minus the extra engy console but more hull. The fleet escort is still imo the best fed escort aside from the MVAM. It is a really fun ship though and if you have a good fleet that can keep you alive or if you just want to pve, im sure most people would enjoy it.

Neither the raptor nor the goomba are better than a bird though.