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07-08-2011, 05:37 AM
what i don't get is why have phaser strips at all??? yes for looks but what good are they really in game, but only to serve for asthetics??? i rather the hard points be redone imo...they have all these "red" dots on the saucer for the weapons and yet one of them goes off??? if i had three dual heavys i rather see them fire from the unused hard points insead of making it look like one dual heavy is firing more volleys, but thats my thought on it...

as far as everything else, yes it does need a bit of tweeking as reguards to the emblems, grates, etc...but there are lots of ships that need an overhaul and capt is working all the time to try and get it right for all the pickers out there that want a perfect looking ship...

before we get good looking ships, its best that they concentrate on other stuff for now on se4, which they are working on...when everything is all settled, then they can come back to the ships...but what good is a pretty ship when the game is broken?