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07-08-2011, 11:28 AM
This is going to be pretty much impossible past Lt. Commander. Using a Commander ship at Captain is relatively easy. Using a Lt. Commander level ship at Commander is insanely hard. It becomes virtually impossible to use a Lt. Commander ship at Captain, and I'm assuming trying to use a Lieutenant level ship at that level would be even worse.

You problem is basically Bridge Officers. At Tier 1 you get 3 BO abilities. At Tier 2 you get 5. At Tier 3 you get 8. That is a huge jump, you are nearly doubling the available abilities from Tier 1 to 2 and getting 50% more at Tier 3. At Tier 4 you get 10 BO abilities, which is only 25% more, but twice the number at Tier 2, and three times the number at Tier 1.

If you're already at Commander, I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know, but I felt I had to start with a fair warning. That said, my experience so far is that you want to at least get as much healing as you possibly can out of those three BO slots. An EPtS in the Engineering slot and Science Team (or TSS) in the Sci slot is probably your only choice. You also want a second Engineering with Engineering Team so you can heal up your hull. Depending on the foe, you might have the Engineering and Science Team selected in combat, so you can repair hull damage, or you might need the extra shield heals and hope your hull holds out until you can use Engineering Team after the battle.

Your Tac officer you probably want using HYT, so you can finish off a foe quickly once his sheilds are down. Alternatively, you might go all beams and use either Beam Overload or Tactical Team. Cannons are also a viable alternative, particularly for the NX Escort, but all T1 ships can mount Dual Heavy Cannons. You'll have to go with Tactical Team, though, since CRF isn't available at Ensign.

I have found Covariant shields are the best, simply to keep me alive longer, and because I can use my BOs to regenerate them between battles. The same goes with hull. Strategically speaking, you're going to want to be patient. Do not engage the next enemy until you are completely healed up, take your time, and take on enemies one by one if you can.

Consoles, I just wing it. Obviously defensive/resistance/shield regenerating consoles are going to be a big help, especially on the TOS Connie, where you get two Engineering consoles. Also, good Devices are a huge help, the resistance thing from the Breen missions, and the fighters from The Vault can really help you out a lot. I'm guessing Borg or Aegis gear can help, but if you can even kill anything at all in a T1 at VA is something I don't know.

Honestly, I've been trying to do this, and it gets so frustrating I can't keep it up. Eventually I either switch to another ship (personally, the Connie refit isn't so bad as it bumps up my ability a LITTLE bit and keeps me with the same "flavor" as the original) or just play another Captain. If you can managed to get to VA, though, please, I'd love to hear that you did it.

I suppose I should add that if you can get a good team that doesn't mind you leeching off of them that's great, but I pretty much only ever solo, so that's not an option for me.