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07-08-2011, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by Blayyde
I'll add that I didn't forget Subnucleonic Beam, I just don't find it as useful as the other Science powers.
I found that, at least in PvE, it's good for cancelling out that "methogentic" (or whatever it's called) sheild those minor races you encounter in the cluster explores (Vito'D, Scoodians, etc.) use on their cruisers. Just save your other buffs until you can cancel that ability, then unleash all heck on 'em.

As for a sci officer in a cruiser, I agree with the other posters: while a sci ship compliments a sci officer better, you shouldn't feel as if you're limited to a certain class of ship because of your career choice. My Gorn engineer pilots Varanus Fleet Support Vessel, which is a science ship (equivilent to the DSSV on the Fed side). It's just a matter of how you spec your skills.