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07-08-2011, 06:21 PM
To clarify:

1. I get that Cryptic attempted to correct for the B'rel's "ninja healing" when it was first implemented. The B'rel could function as a silent healer, never decloaking when casting beneficial buffs to others.

2. I want cryptic to come out and state what their purpose for today's cloak is. When you heal a cloaked B'rel, it'll light them up without shields. Hazard emitters = death warrant When you heal any other cloaked ship, they stay cloaked. Sure the beam will point you to it, but unless you bump him with shockwave or cpb or sensor scan the area, he's not targetable.

3. The Hegta's the BoP of choice right now; the B'rel's got too many strikes against it for the "enhanced battlecloak"

4. This whole thing is based on pvp. You can afk / autofire in PVE space and ground and still complete regular pve missions.