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07-08-2011, 06:49 PM
Short term. More variety in explore quests.

Sure when im trying to work on Diplomacy i like to know but for the most part id like to be surprised when im doing a mission. Id like more in depth non combat missions vs the scan 5 things for various reasons. More puzzles and maybe actual first contact missions. More sense of Discovery.

Mid term. Adding some life to our boffs and shipboard npc. Missions dialog etc. Shipboard missions would be great. But ways to make our boffs feel more real. Interaction between each other and the player. Chatting like we see in ESD.

Long term Voices and voice dialog. I loved the remastered episodes that feel more interactive. Would be nice if our boffs spoke and we had enough choices to give diff boffs different voices.

Personality or mood choices for boffs. maybe tied to their stance? like having a stern tellarite engineer or a playful twitchy caitian helmsman etc.