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07-08-2011, 11:15 PM
Originally Posted by thefrayl View Post
Tribble Test Weekend = Stress Test.

Not excusing the practice of pushing out features that obviously weren't ready, and were indeed reported on by many during their time on Tribble (long before the test weekend mind you), but let's be honest. Most people log on to the Tribble test weekend for two things: Mess around with the new stuff, and get their reward. I'm sure Cryptic is aware of this. On top of that, you can't expect them to fix everything in less than a week. :p
pretty much this.

we use tribble test weekends to stress a new build before putting it on Holodeck as it generally provides our network engineers with enough data to analyze odd server or crash behaviors.

It does also increase bug counts, but most of the bugs are already on our punchlist coming from qa.