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07-09-2011, 05:02 AM
Originally Posted by Cattivo80 View Post
This happens to my fed main ALL the time. My theory is that it's a lag issue. My record is having to press something three times before it worked. I don't think it's happened at all for my klink, but I've only started to PvP with him when he hit commander, and he's currently Cap2. I haven't PvP'ed with my boring Fed Eng alt yet, so who knows if it will happen to him. If my lag theory is correct, I imagine it will. Considering it seems to happen the most in CnH's, lag seems like a good theory to me (I don't think I've even done a CnH with my klink yet - only Arenas seemed to pop at Commander level).
No, my ui when it gets stuck doesn't work AT ALL, i may as well be clicking on my ship, nothing happens, clicking the skill 25+ times makes no difference. It's normal for me to have to click my power tray 2 or 3 times to get a skill to fire, (part of the reason i'm such a crappy healer, ) this new problem is a game ender to me. Why would i pvp when i cant use my captain abilities? & I don't pve, so, BGO here i come