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07-09-2011, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by NCC-89471 View Post
The Ghosts of War, Part I: "Dust To Dust" is now officially LIVE!
Correction... it was my intent for it to be live, and the Foundry said it published successfully, but I never could find it in the Community Authored list, and apparently others have had this problem too. One reason why they took the Holodeck server down, perhaps?

Anyway, at least the wait has not been in vain. I have been using the Foundry down time to map out the rest of the Ghosts of War saga. I have even come up with titles for the remaining episodes. So, here's where the saga presently stands:
  • Part I: "Dust To Dust" (finished, but will retest and tweak some more after the Foundry is back up)
  • Part II: "Extraordinary Rendition" (very early stages of Foundry development)
  • Part III: "Blood Betrayal" (story in development offline)
  • Part IV: "Desecration" (story in development offline)
  • Part V: "Chasing Shadows" (story in development offline)
  • Parts VI, VII and VIII also have titles, but the titles themselves are kind of spoiler-y so I will not post them yet. Their stories, too, are in development offline.