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07-09-2011, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by BlindPilot
i just dont get it. most of you ppl complain about the klingon spaming fighters. then you complain about the 1 thing that worked very well againest them . faw was never the problem. the problem was most of you did not want to learn what to do to to stop faw froming killing you
like, play another game, maybe?
or use another broken power, like SS3?
Faw worked just fine for killing spam before it was buffed. It was kinda OP against a single opponent, doing way more damage than a BO. New FAW™ was BUGGED. It did not work as intended. they have fixed the bug, but the power is possibly still OP.
also, you wanna know how to kill spam with "Ghetto FAW™"? have no target selected, spam spacebar. you will target & kill whatever is closest to you. Ghetto FAW™ works just fine, & isn't OP in any way.