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07-09-2011, 08:41 AM
Originally Posted by BlindPilot
If you don't mind, could you enlighten me on your ways of surviving 5 Cruisers that have over a 200% damage boost?

well i found that if you dont runn in to a group of 5 ppl alone it helps your not rambo. and ill bet you have most of your skills in trying to do dps you are low on healing your self . and you my need a new team to play with if your not geting any help from them

and it seem that most of the ppl the complained about faw would not even go near a pvp that was fed and klingon
You surely don't have an escort in your collection. The Broken New Faw ignored Defense values... even if they had only fixed that and left that extra 5 seconds on for you, you would have noticed a major reduction in the skill. The way it was working hitting evasive or any defense based skill did NOTHING for you. As it is now doing so will limit crits and massively reduce crit severity on ones that do somehow manage to land... this is by design, same thing happens to cannons / Beam Overloads... or any other type of weapon fire.

FAW was ignoring basic game mechanics thus it was broken. lol