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07-09-2011, 01:07 PM
mikiy, I'd rather have things like Plant the Bomb, or Multi Plant the Bomb. Where the team has to split up into groups to defend their base, and plant the bomb in an opposing team, or they can each choose to mass up for one all or nothing strike etc. etc,
Or Zombies modes, VIP, king of the hill (where the hill moves). There's more to non deathmatch than just pve objectives.

Than old fashioned Death Match in a tight narrow hallway which takes things like maneuvering and mobility out of the equation. There's no skill really in who launches the most blast weapons off first, and who's got the most pets and shields.

Part of pvp, is dynamic gameplay in a variety of win/loss conditions on varying levels which play to different strengths.

Pvp right now? Plays heavy on Blast Spam and mobile fortress building.

The game mechanics are about right. However the gameplay is still terrible and lacking in variety.