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07-09-2011, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I would really like it if each Borg STF on regular awarded a non-human, non-Klingon Liberated Borg Boff of our faction and on Elite awarded the opposite faction's Liberated Borg. (You could do this even with crossfaction STFs by way of two requisition tokens and a store at Battle Group Omega that has one set for regular and one for elite.)

But a spin on this could be: Liberated Borg DOs on regular, BOs on Elite.

My ideal would be to have them in increasingly exotic species, with Khitomer Accord awarding Gorn and Caitian or Andorian Liberated Borg... and Into the Hive actually giving us Armek and Manus BOs with scaled down boss abilities.
Like this idea. Although, most of my BOs have been borgified with the Seven of Nine Costume set. Can't do it with my Orion female and Caitians don't work well with Seven of Nine hands since it replaces the Caitain claws with human hands, but head implants work good. Haven't figured out how to borgify Remans, Breens, and Holograms. Must be something with their physiology.

My main captain is an enlightened borg that got kicked out of the Collective due to her ideas. She is not one of those tragic liberated Borg that regrets assimilating people. While others were assimilating, she was learning about the various technology and cultures of the assimilated races. She believes in individuality within a Hive Mind and volunteer assimilation. Most of the crew has undergo her offer of cybernetic implants since they improve their lives, but only the female Borg BO has undergone assimilation.

Although I do think that each borg STF should have a unique Borg Doff on Normal and unique Borg Boff on Elite.