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07-09-2011, 02:47 PM
Short term:

fixing the airlock umbelical mentioned right after the release of season 4 so it can be used anytime you want to exit that way, but make it on the upper floor and have it like a visible walkway to your ship where you can see yourself entering your ship and then undocking.

Mid term:

Allow for the ability to display all trophies won in either the ready room, captain's quarters or Lounge or in a combination of all three. It will be cool to see all you have won displayed.

Have the ability to display accolades won like ribbons on your uniform. For example, when wearing the ambassador uniform or formal uniform, they will be shown as ribbons on one side much like the military wears on their uniforms.

expand the floors you can visit on the ship. For example creating a navigational chart room similiar to the one in Star Trek Generations, or creating an actual holodeck on the ship.

Long Term:

I would like to see ground scenarios for Earth and a New San Francisco complete with Star Fleet Headquarters.

The promotion to a full Admiral only after completing all accolades.