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07-09-2011, 03:08 PM
Originally Posted by mikiy
If i think about about the shanty games of the last year on ground, i can't remember many games with people actually doing the virus runs, while some may don't know how to a lot of others just don't care to much for pve objectives in pvp.
Not true, if the objectives are part of winning the match then people would do them. Like Capturing the Flag in FPS games, where Objectives matter for the sake of winning. Shanty Town and Capture and Hold are really poor implementations of that system. But to me the best PvP was in other MMOs like in EQ, ****, and SWG, where you were fighting for a real reason. Like preventing a rival guild from doing a dungeon run, or preventing a rival faction from getting a nice faction buff.

But as for those who "don't care too much for PvE objectives", you guys are the hunters and the killers. Thats why just plain regular Open PVP zones are needed, it gives you the outlet and not impeeding on those who fight for reasons or goals.

Originally Posted by mikiy
Before season4 sniper rifles/type3's were the gun to have, now after season4 with 0.5 seconds more on the sniper animation, snipers are just a toy mostly for maps like otha or maybe shanty if sniping from the roof doesn't bore you to death.
Well at least Cryptic made some effort in making sniper rifles, sniper rifles. Personally I wish they had a longer range with a stronger punch, with a greater cooldown with the secondary fire. They would be perfect to cover in shanty town from the roofs, or covering down corridors in the arena zones (of course these courses going in circles doesn't help with that aspect).