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07-09-2011, 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by mikiy
If i think about about the shanty games of the last year on ground, i can't remember many games with people actually doing the virus runs, while some may don't know how to a lot of others just don't care to much for pve objectives in pvp.

If you would have played on ground before season4 and encountered me in those hallways 1on1 i would have surely easily convinced you that movement actually is the key to winning in arenas, theres tons of stuff to cover or dodge around.

Now after season4 your right in that, that the mobility actually took a hit, i spend more time snared and not able to run nowadays then actually moving, so if anything this is a problem season4 introduced.. same with the shotguns.. before season4 sniper rifles/type3's were the gun to have, now after season4 with 0.5 seconds more on the sniper animation, snipers are just a toy mostly for maps like otha or maybe shanty if sniping from the roof doesn't bore you to death.
And that's not a pve objective. Nor is it something which requires direct conflict between teams in order to win. There's no mix of offense or defense on shanty town. It's frankly another example of poor map and objective design.

Play some Halo, plant the bomb, etc if you want a good example of objective games. Come to think of it Halo's maps in general are far superior to wannabe sto's, or hell the Zombie modes. If STO has any hope of surviving Star Wars coming release it's going to have to look outside of it's own dank inbred game studios for inspiration.

Yeah, I'm referring specifically to S4 here. Pre Season 4 is not relevant to the current situation in pvp.