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07-09-2011, 05:20 PM
Things definitely changed up a lot. The space part is pretty much the same. We even held out own without killing the nodes around the conduit and got the (in this case) crappy purple deflector. The ground was a decent improvement. No nodes but remodulating weapons gets a bit irritating also. You're basically useless for 5 seconds while remodulating so you can die if you're surrounded. There still isnt' a respawn point inbetween the beginning of the ground battle and beating Logan. This needs to be changed! Logan definitely got a bit harder but we got through him. Melee is the way to go when it comes to him. The last room didn't seem much different until Rebecca came out to play. She's a cheap prat and one-shot or one-swipe kills you. Bobservo! We really could of used your one-man-army for the centre. All in all, we approached the last room like a bunch of n00bs and paid for it.

When the Foundry finally gets back up, I would like to highly recommand Captain_Zero's STF training mission. Just do a custom search by author and you'll find it. It's available for both factions as well.

Edit: Forgot to mention that it sure was a lot of fun! Thanks Sural, LilRave, Shadow, and Marie!