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Originally Posted by zordar View Post
Would it be possible to use DOff's to allow players to train another player's BOffs? Basically, Player 1 pays honor/merits to imbue a DOff with BOff skill X, then trades/sells that DOff to another player who can use it to train one of his BOffs. Essentially, BOff skill tutoring. The DOff would probably be consumed on use.

If you can transfer the Doff to another player, then you can use them to give passive skills to Boffs. Doffs only have passive skills.

Originally Posted by Heretic
Department Heads and First Officers

Subsequent to the duty roster system going live we will be rolling out the next component of the system: Department Heads and your First Officer.

Bridge officers will be able to "eat" duty officers of their own branch to learn those duty officer's passive abilities. (Fictionally, think of it as the duty officers are joining that bridge officer's staff.)

With the appropriate expenditures of Merit/Honor and for bridge officers with adequate training, a player can appoint a bridge officer to head up one of six departments - Tactical, Security, Science, Medical, Engineering, Operations. Once heading up a department, those "eaten" duty officer skills will become active.

(For the record, the term "eaten" is used in this description to make sure it is clear that the duty officer goes away.)

Slotting between stations (the current "Assignment" tab), away team and department head slots are independent; if you slot a bridge officer into the Tactical Department Head slot, their passive powers will be in effect. That exact same bridge officer could also be slotted into a bridge station or away team, but whether that bridge officer is or isn't his or her department passives will be in effect.