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Why do so many people think this? Where was this ever stated? Please show me, I implore you. Anyone, really.
think the reason people say this is this post and another one in that thread. Plus we're getting this one becouse we can't have the j. Its freaking big, like if the F was a mini hot dog the j would be like 2 footlongs tied togther or something and no sir that's not an appetisers thats a meal. An unhealthy meal with string you should take out first.

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Your legal threats aside...

Members of the STO team often use the poll to help decide which things to work on next... because we have a gigantic internal wishlist of things we WANT to make .. but sometimes it is hard to pick which one should go next. There were people on our team that wanted to make the J... but... it has been recommended we not make that specific ship for the fact that we could not accurately create it "as it was envisioned".

As far as it being pre-approved by CBS, this was not the case... the poll was put up by the designers prior to approvals with CBS. I've since talked with CBS and we've agreed we are not doing the J because it is just not appropriate as it was envisioned as a player ship that everyone should be flying around in (its just too big as described to be gameplay appropriate).

What CBS has instead suggested, that we will be following up on, is creating a design that is an in between step between the Enterprise we know now and the Enterprise J.... a... I wonder what the Enterprise H would look like...

They also suggested allowing players to help provide feedback and design input on what that ship should look like (similar to the Titan). That would be awesome, and I'd love to do it, but have to follow up with legal on terms of how we could allow player designs for the ship or how that would even work.

So yes... the poll generally represents things we want to make... but in this case, the J just isn't going to work as it is described. It would have to be something different and if it has to be something different... then it isn't the J but a prototype or earler ship.