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07-10-2011, 02:25 AM
I'd like to see a generic "Refit Package" that could be applied to any ship once and only once (i.e. you couldn't stack two of them onto the same ship). I would give it the following:

1: A universal "Refit" console that gives +25% hull hit points and +5 Engine Power--this represents the refit itself and equates to improving your hull and engines to one tier higher.
2: +1 each Science/Engineering/Tactical Console slots (e.g. if your ship had 3/2/2 then it would upgrade to 4/3/3)
3: +1 Universal Lt. Cmdr BOFF station
4: +1 Ship Device slot

Alternatively, these items could all be craftable using the top-level data samples (with the limitation that you could only apply one of each kind to a given ship).